Allegra E. Klein, Director

Allegra E. Klein has served as Director of Development for HBP Services, Inc., a Pathology and Radiology practice management firm in Woodbridge, CT, since 2018. Her focus is on growth strategies and long-term planning, with the goal of expanding the client base and attracting new business. Additionally, she provides project oversight and analysis for select client consultations.

In 2019, Ms. Klein became Director of the Panel of National Pathology Leaders, a national non-profit “think tank” co-founded by HBP and McDonald Hopkins, LLC, and dedicated to creative, value-based business solutions for Pathology groups. In this role, she is responsible for developing and implementing strategies, leading projects, and working with the panelists and other collaborators to achieve PNPL’s mission.

Prior to joining HBP and PNPL, Ms. Klein served as Chief Operating Officer for a global staffing firm in Iraq and Chief Development Officer for an Iraqi contracting company based in Baghdad, where she brought in over $5 million in new business. Her non-profit experience includes roles with Carnegie Hall, Musicians For Harmony (a 501c3 she founded in 2001), and the Connecticut Sustainable Business Council.

Ms. Klein received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and her MBA from University of Connecticut’s School of Business, where she was inducted into the UConn Alumni Hall of Fame.

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