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What is PNPL?

The Panel of National Pathology Leaders (PNPL)
is a non-profit “think tank” dedicated to:

  • Advancing best practices in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
  • Creating practical business solutions for the industry
  • Developing innovative, value-based strategies
  • Sharing real life success stories and failures
  • Disseminating findings through white papers, webinars, and surveys
  • Providing targeted Highlights based on the specific interests of each member
  • Collaborating with a team of national advisors to share insights on best practices

Who are the Panelists ?

PNPL’s panelists represent multiple stakeholder groups:

  • Pathologists serving on the Boards of national Pathology organizations
  • CEOs and COOs of the country’s most innovative Pathology practices
  • Laboratory “big data” experts, with access to 7+ billion clinical tests
  • Renowned Pathology consultants and attorneys, each with decades of experience

Download our organizational Overview here.

Our panelists :

Panelists Emeriti:


Our staff

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