Why join PNPL?

Membership offers opportunities for Pathology practices and Laboratories to interactively share and contribute their experiences through focus groups, workshops, and surveys.

The benefits for 2021 Founding Members include:

  • An integrated collaboration between Panelists and Members
  • Consultation with a Panelist
  • PNPL's Book of Secrets with stories, that evolve as new opportunities are developed
  • PNPL Reference Library, for "Members-only":
      1. Practice Plans & Compensation Models
      2. Fair Market Value studies
      3. Strategic Planning documents
      4. Benchmarking reports
  • Time-sensitive Highlights on topics of critical interest, such as:
      1. Provider Relief Reporting
      2. PPP #2 and Forgiveness
      3. Third-party challenges
  • Customized 2018 Medicare profile reports, for the Practice and State
  • Operational and Benchmarking Studies
  • 2019 wRVU Productivity Report including 1,300 pathologists and 200 groups
  • Access to Advisors who are knowledgeable in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

What is the cost of membership?

1. Membership is open to community hospital-based Pathologists, academic practices, and laboratories based on size.


2.  Practice Fees for 2022:

          Number of Pathologists                Members

                     1 to 4                                               $2,500

                     5 to 9                                               $5,000

                    10 to 19                                            $7,500

                     20+                                                  $10,000       

3.  The fee for laboratories:

               Revenues less than $2 million                  $5,000

               Revenues over $2 million                         $10,000

Download the PNPL Membership Application here.


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